We are in the middle of our fundraiser, please help us reach our goal of $50,000.
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Friends of Lorem Ipsum Books,

When we opened our bookstore six years ago, we started with the idea that bookstores are an important part of the community and we should do our part to see that they survive. Book-loving-technologists, we had the idea that if we embraced online sales, listing our inventory at websites like Amazon, we could supplement our in-store foot traffic, providing enough "extra" income—we hopped—to allow the physical store to survive in the community.

This dual-listing assumption worked well for many years, however when the economy began to sour last year, the average price of a book sold via the Internet plummeted—perhaps from a dramatic increase in supply of books as more people listed their books directly; perhaps from a slightly weakened demand. What we do know is our physical store sales remain robust, even though they are down slightly as well.

The result of these events is that we now believe we must focus on getting a better physical location for the store, if it is to continue to remain economically viable—read: open. We are simply losing too much money at our current location to keep operating at a loss for much longer.

We have been offered a better location, at a reasonable rate, around the corner in the heart of Inman Square, but as credit is tight and we are losing money, we are afraid of making the move without proper capitalization. Having exhausted our other options, we humbly turn to our community of book lovers, with the hope that you will give us a chance to keep innovating, keep trying to produce a business model that works to keep books a part of all of our communities.

Our team at Lorem Ipsum has listened to the suggestions you've sent in so far, and this website offers many of your solutions to help us raise our funds. In addition to our first phase of the fundraiser, where we try to sell 5,000 books for $10 each, we have added a menu of other ways you can help contribute. Because we like to have a little bit of fun when we're working, we wrote a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style e-book that has all of the fundraising items embedded within. Read the story, or visit the fundraising overview page to see all of the new items we have for sale.

I look forward to your feedback and future company.


Matt Mankins

P.S. - If you're in town the day after Thanksgiving, please stop by for our Black Friday Anti-Sale!